The Client is asked to read and confirm by signature the acceptance of the Rental Contract. The Client must meet at the requirements mentioned below. The Owner reserves the right to refuse the rental of a vehicle without further explanations.

Client Age
The Client and the appointed drivers mentioned when this contract must be at least 21 years old and must posses a valid driving license for al least 1 (one) year.

All the amounts are expressed in Euro and include VAT and third parties insurances. The cash payment will be made in advance, in Euro, Dollars or RON, at the exchange rate provided by BNR (The National Bank of Romania), for the day of the payment.
There are cases when a security deposit in amount of €200-500 it’s required. The amount will be used for penalties in case of ascertaining internal or external vehicle damages (€200), theft auto parts (€300), loss of car documents (€100) or loss of vehicle keys (€150). The amount is refundable upon the return in good condition of the car, including all documents, accessories and equipment.

Fuel and oil
The fuel is not included in the contract price and is the responsibility of the Client. The vehicle will be delivered with the tank full of fuel. The fuel tank must be full upon the return of the car. The possibly missing fuel, stated by the fuel level indicator, will be changed at the rate of €1/liter. The responsibility of oil end car maintenance rest with the Owner.

Delivery and car collection
The delivery and collection of the vehicle take place at the time, date and location asked by the Client and mentioned in the Rental Contract, with no supplementary costs within the limits of Bucharest City. The vehicle may be delivered and collected in other locations within Romania, based on the prior approval of the Owner and on agreed tariff. The vehicle will be delivered to the Client in general good condition, without hidden or visible flaws, any information concerning the car condition being mentioned in the Rental Contract.
The Client will return the vehicle accompanied by documents, accessories and equipment at the location, date and time mentioned in the Rental Contract.
With a notice of late return, within one hour, will not be changed. With a notice of late return, less then 3 hours the change will be half the renting day; a delay longer than 3 hours will be changed as a full renting day.
By the and of the rental period the present Rental Contract becomes null and void and if is not otherwise stated, the Owner reserve the right to declare the vehicle as stolen to the Police.

Use of the car
The Client agrees to drive the rented vehicle according to the laws concerning the driving on public roads and other regulations such as:
– not overloading the vehicle and no merchandise transportation;
– not using the vehicle for racings, tests or to push or tow other vehicles;
– performing a repairs in authorized garages only with the prior approval and according to the instructions of the Owner; the Client will be refunded based on the invoice and receipt issued on the half of the Owner, accompanied by the repairs report;
– not leaving the vehicle open (doors, windows, luggage) or the keys in the ignition;
– using the vehicle according the instructions manual issued by the manufacturer;
– no driving on excessive muddy roads and roads closed for the public uses;
– driving the vehicle only on the roads marked on the vehicle map;
– checking all the time the car gauges, stop immediately the vehicle and inform the car Owner in any cases of malfunctioning or defective behavior. Not respecting that, the Client is responsible for full payment of the vehicle reparation;
– not driving over the speed limit in effect on the public roads.
Not respecting these regulations above mentioned, the car damages deposit can be retained and the full payment for all repairing is required to be paid the Client to bring the vehicle to the initial functioning state.

The vehicle is insured for third parties liabilities only for the period mentioned in the Rental Contract.
The Owner assumes no responsibility for any personal belongings left in the vehicle during the Rental Contract.
The report to Police is mandatory in case of accident. The Police will ascertain the damages and will issue a report and the repair authorization. These documents are indispensable for the insurance in order to operate and to repair the vehicle. The report to the Police is mandatory in all cases; the Client is responsible the accidents, the Client is casualty, the Client is the only one involved, the responsible part is unknown (parking damages, etc.). Without these document the client take full responsibility for the repairing costs.

Any litigation during the Rental Contract will be addressed to The Bucharest Court of Justice.